Requisite Validation

Click "Add New Item" to enter validations for each requisite course.You can remove, edit, and re-order saved validations using the navigation buttons.

  • ​Validations are only needed for pre- and co-requisite courses, not for other requirements or advisories.

First, select the requisite course from the drop-down menu. The menu will only show courses that have been saved as requisites on the Conditions of Enrollment page.

Next, select the type of validation you will use:

Objective/Content Mapping​

You have several options that allow you to map either the course content (outline) or the course objectives of both the requisite course​ onto the content or objectives of the current proposal.

Exempt from Content Review

Subdivision (e) of section 55003 specifies the conditions under which a prerequisite or co-requisite does not need to be subject to either content review or content review with statistical validation:

  1. it is required by statute or regulation; or
  2. it is part of a closely-related lecture-laboratory course pairing within a discipline; or
  3. it is required by four-year institutions; or
  4. baccalaureate institutions will not grant credit for a course unless it has the particular communication or computation skill prerequisite.

Select Other to open a text box to enter data for statistical validation or content review other than content/objective mapping.