Objectives convey the expectations of discrete skills and information that instructors should impart to students during the semester. Objectives are related to, but distinct from, SLOs, which are measurable outcomes (knowledge, skills, abilities, or attitudes) that students should be able to demonstrate by the end of the course or program. ​It may be helpful to think of objectives as goals for instructors to cover, while outcomes are a way to measure whether students have met the objectives. 

Click "Add New Item" to enter objectives one at a time. You can remove, edit, and re-order saved objectives using the navigation buttons. All courses must have at least one objective in order to submit the proposal.

Objective Type

Select whether the objective applies to lecture content or lab content.​

Objective Text

Enter the text of the objective in sentence format. ​

Requires Critical Thinking

All college-level courses are required to have at least one objective that requires critical thinking.​