Methods of Evaluation

According to Title 5, Section 55002.a.3, “the course outline shall also specify types or provide examples of required reading and writing assignments, other outside of class assignments... and methods of evaluation for determining whether students have met the stated objectives.”

Methods of evaluation for determining student achievement of stated objectives should include the identification and description of assessment or evaluation tools used by the faculty to determine student progress towards achievement of the course objectives. Merely taking attendance or asking if students are satisfied with the course is not sufficient to constitute evaluation of the extent to which students are making progress toward the learning objectives of the course.

Course objectives must be consistent with course content and methods of evaluation. Check all that may apply. Each checked item will print on the Course Outline of Record (COR). Instructors are not required to use all methods included, but should not use methods that are not included on the COR.

  • Homework must be part of the evaluation methods for a college-level class that has lecture hours. If the homework assignments are covered by another category, such as essays, select both.
  • Do not select Laboratory Assignments if the course does not have a lab component.
  • If you select Other, provide a description of the assessment or evaluation method.​
  • Do not include attendance as a method of grading; however, you can grade in-class Participation.