Distance Education

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  • If you are removing DE options, make sure to delete the information before you uncheck the DE box. 

Distance education is regulated by title 5, chapter 6, subchapter 3, starting with section 55200. Distance Education is defined in section 55200 as instruction in which the instructor and student are separated by distance and interact through communication technology. All distance education is subject to the general requirements of Title 5, Division 6, Chapter 6, as well as the specific requirements of subchapter 3, article 1. 

These regulations refer to all courses that are developed with the intent that individual classes or sections, or any portion of the course, may be scheduled as distance education instead of traditional, face‐to­‐face instruction. This includes courses referred to as “hybrid” which combine traditional, face-­to-­face instruction and distance education with either synchronous or asynchronous instructor­‐student interaction through communication technology.​

  • ​Courses are only considered hybrid or online if some of the regularly scheduled hours are replaced. A course that meets for all scheduled hours face-to-face is not DE, no matter how much the instructor utilizes Canvas. That would be considered a web-enhanced course, not distance education.

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