Cross-Listed Course

A cross-listed course is really one course offered under two or more discipline headings. Courses may also be cross-listed without maintaining multiple records by choosing one discipline and listing multiple teaching disciplines for that record.

Example 1:  A cross-listed course can be offered under both Humanities and Music, resulting in two Course Outlines of Record (CORs), each with the teaching disciplines (minimum qualifications) of Humanities or Music. 

Example 2: The same course could be offered only under Humanities (or Music), with teaching disciplines of Humanities or Music. This results in one COR that faculty from multiple disciplines can teach.

Note that cross-listing does not give faculty equivalency in the cross-listed field: In our example, music faculty could teach the cross-listed Humanities course, but not other Humanities courses. 

For cross-listed courses, ensure the following:

  • Other than the discipline and course number, everything else in the COR must be identical.
  • CORs must include all cross-listed teaching disciplines. Select or instead of and between teaching disciplines. The and condition is for interdisciplinary classes that require instructors to have qualifications in multiple fields to teach a course.
  • If there are multiple CORs for a cross-listed course, make sure any revisions are initiated for both disciplines.
  • Include a co-contributor from the cross-listed discipline.
  • Do not include cross-listing information in the catalog description field; this will result in a duplication of information in the catalog.