Basic Program Information

Program Information

Degree/Certificate Name
Award Type

Program Goal

All programs submitted for Chancellor’s Office review are required to state the primary goal of the program. This program goal is used to determine the standards and documentation for approval. The goal should be reflected in the program narrative, including the Catalog Description and Goals and Objectives fields. The three program goals are:


Proposal Information

Proposed Implementation Term/Year

Select the semester and year for which you would like this proposal to become active. Note that your proposed start date is subject to all local and state approval timelines. The District Analyst may assign an effective term later than your proposed start date, based on state approval.

  • Typically, your proposed start should be one year out from your proposals (Fall to next Fall, Spring to next Spring)
  • You may enter a term further than one year ahead; if state approval occurs before this date, implementation will wait until the date you have entered.
Rationale for Proposal 

Enter a detailed rationale for your proposal, particularly for new programs and inactivations. For revisions, include an overview of what areas have been changed (updating course blocks, etc.). This information aids the curriculum committee, Board of Trustees, and State Chancellor's Office in curriculum approval. ​​

Percentage approved for DE

​This item is required by the Chancellor's office. Base your answer on the percentage of all courses in the degree/certificate that are approved to offer via DE, regardless of whether the courses are typically offered through DE.

Next Program Review

This item is required by the Chancellor's office. Provide the month and year of the next scheduled program review.