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Current Status Report

Tasks completed:

  • Ensure that Meta aligns with required elements for the CCCCO (new edition of PCAH) and local approval process
  • Identify any changes in functionality or approval process between old and new versions

Tasks in progress:

  • Enlist key users (district curriculum staff, college curriculum committee chairs/desginees, IT staff) to test course and program fields in sandbox site
  • Clean up old proposals in limbo
  • Update user database and permissions
  • Map data fields between the two systems for seamless transfer

Summer 2016:

  • Transfer live data, re-test the system, and address any issues — there will be a brief time lapse between the shutdown of the current system and the implementation of the new one
  • Create custom reports and test functionality of ad hoc reporting
  • Build and link internally-hosted help materials based on PCAH (to supplement generic Governet training materials).
  • Create user sign-in

Going Live in August 2016 (Plan A): 

  • If all goes according to plan in the summer, look for Meta training at Convocation.  You will come back to the new and improved CurricUNET; all data (pending, launching, active, approved) in the current system will be moved to the new system.


Going Live in January 2017 (Plan B):

  • If we encounter problems that require more time to fix, we will keep the old system live for fall so that we minimize disruption to the curriculum development and approval process. We will provide hands-on training for Meta in late fall and early spring, and go live in January (again with a brief lapse between shutting down the old system in December, transferring and testing data, and opening the new system in January).

Check back here for updates